Innovative technology, precision, flexibility, environmental protection – these terms describe the characteristics of water jet cutting. Due to these attributes this future-oriented technology is used in an ever increasing number of application ranges.


kunststoffform 3d 1Innovative technology

Constantly refining our technology, we are capable of processing work pieces not only in 2-D but also in 3-D. Based on your 3-D data (e.g. CATIA V5) we can perform contour cutting in free-form work pieces.




aluminium puzzlesteine 10mm


Depending on the materials to be cut, cutting speeds of up to 20m/min can be reached. We precisely cut materials with a tolerance of up to 0.1mm.




gummidichtung 5mm


Water jet cutting does not require any further tools besides the water jet. Thus all materials can easily be processed with the same machine. Setup times therefore can be reduced to a minimum. Various working processes like contours, notchings, holes and figures can be performed in just one step. An economical processing of prototypes via the single item production up to large series production is possible.


stahl zahnrad 5mm

Environmental protection

When cutting with water jet technology using natural products like water and sand, the generation of noxious vapors or gases as well as dust or chips is avoided. Thus this process neither harms the environments nor the employees’ health.